Over the years TaxAssist Accountants have won a wide range of awards. Here are the most significant:

Also, the Chiswick office received a finalist award in 2014 in the "fastest growing franchisee" category.

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How Revolut Business helped TaxAssist Accountants get their EEA clients up and running in no time - Article published on the Revolut Business Blog - August 2020

At TaxAssist Accountants, we strive to provide a full service solution to our business clients, not being able to help them open a bank account when they incorporate was a real issue for us. Thanks to Revolut Business we are now able to provide a complete solution to those clients.  We are also looking forward to more new features that are coming soon – such as merchant accounts and dedicated support that will make the offering even better.

Record decline in sterling but business as usual for SMEs - Article published in the Chiswick Herald - December 2016
According to Sidon, of more concern to SMEs than sterling’s decline are the perennial problems of regulation and low productivity, and US president-elect Donald Trump’s corporate tax plans. Sidon believes Trump is manoeuvring to drastically lower US corporation tax and that is likely to be a wake-up call for European companies to become more competitive. If Trump’s tax plans are implemented, US companies hoarding their cash in Europe will be tempted to send it home. That will drain the European capital markets of cash and that could stifle European business expansion. Read it all
Best Foot Forward - Article published in IFA Mangazine - December 2015
Starting a business can be fraught with problems. Franck Sidon suggests ten steps to start a business off on the right foot. Read the rest
Case Study at - August 2105

Franck Sidon in the Chiswick Herald - March 2014
Small businesses across Chiswick have received a much-needed Budget boost from the Chancellor, according to a local tax and accountancy specialist, but much more was needed.

Our pre-Budget survey revealed that 67% of small businesses felt that the Government isn't doing enough to help them, said Franck Sidon who runs TaxAssist Accountants in Chiswick.

They cited the cost of employing people, fuel prices and rate of VAT as their top 3 issues and 58% said the challenging economy remained the major obstacle, with only 34% believing we're on the road to recovery.

It's unlikely that this Budget will do much to change the view from small business that the Government is not listening to their concerns. Doubling the Annual Investment Allowance for businesses to £500,000 and extending it to 2015 is all well and good, but without access to vital finance for growth the measure is meaningless for many local business owners.
Franck Sidon top tax tips on Chiswick Buzz - January 2014

Franck Sidon in the Chiswick Herald - September 2013
Owners of small businesses across West London who work in the construction industry are the latest target for HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) a local expert has warned.
Franck Sidon who runs TaxAssist Accountants in Chiswick said: “Local business owners who work in the building trade can expect spot checks and intensive scrutiny of their business records over the next few months. HMRC’s latest taskforce is focusing on the construction industry across London, as part of a campaign which they say is on target to recover £3 million in taxes.
“Provided they have all the right procedures, records and proof of income and expenditure in place, West London business owners can protect their legitimate earnings and show the tax inspector the door.” Franck said.
Franck Sidon on RTL French Radio - July 2012 (at 1'45'')

Franck Sidon in the Financial Times - May 2012
A business-focused attitude among expats is perhaps one reason why France’s UK voters in the first round gave Nicolas Sarkozy, the centre-right president, 36 per cent against 33 per cent for Fran├žois Hollande – whereas France’s overall result put the Socialist candidate ahead with 27 per cent against Mr Sarkozy’s 28 per cent.
The heightened anti-capitalist mood in the elections affects not just the wealthy, but those wanting to set up a business, says Franck Sidon, a partner at TaxAssist, a London-based accountancy firm. “The psychological impact on wealth creators and entrepreneurs would be very negative,” Mr Sidon says.