Sunday, March 13, 2011

How well do you know your clients?

We have already stressed in the past the importance of credit control. It's even more critical in a difficult business environment to ensure that you only extend credit to those clients who will pay you. You don't have to rely on luck however. There are many tools that allow you to monitor your clients and be alerted they start showing signs of financial difficulties. But until now those tools have been very expensive and therefore most small businesses have been unwilling to use them.

That's not the case anymore. At TaxAssist Accountants, we have teamed with Red Flag Alert to get extensive data from which you can now benefit. Be it sales, credit control, collection, risk or compliance we have information on every limited company, every PLC, LLP, 3.5m sole traders and 26.7m director records. The data source comes from Companies House, London Gazette, Central Register and Equifax, which provides data intelligence and protection against credit risk. Using those tools you can now:

Monitor your risk
We can provide 'real time' critical automated e-mail alerts when a company being monitored starts to deteriorate. Using various detrimental triggers, we will notify you of changes to your customer/supplier status as they happen, in order to minimise your risk exposure.

Build Business Intelligence Reports
Our business intelligence reports provide up to 5 years profit and loss accounts, balance sheet information, details of directorships, company secretaries, shareholders, bank and mortgage information as well as legal notices such as CCJ's, petitions (unpublished and unadvertised) writs, winding up orders and administration orders.

Get Director Reports
The data can also be used to identify a specific director and provide an intelligence report on that director's associated business appointments and previous history including any insolvency or struck off history. That can prove very useful as well as past behaviour is usually a very good indicator of future conduct.

In difficult times, getting information ahead of your competition can make a huge difference. Understanding your clients is more important than ever. Remember that cash is king and that is no such thing as good client if he does not pay you. Don't leave it to chance and talk to us today.

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